Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silly stomach...doth ye protest?

Today, we liquid fast.

(WE being myself, naturally, and my lovely besty DreamsxandxBones)...

This woman saves me in so many ways. You know it, don't ya, love? ;)

I know that no matter how trying this day becomes as it wears on, no matter what personal painful stressful bullshit finds its way into my headspace, she will not allow me to fall.


Anyone else feel like being 100% guaranteed to be tinier tomorrow with us? ;)

Please, feel free to join in. I cannot wait to feel this emptiness overtake me...

(when I am thin again...when I am back to my lovely 120s, and beyond, I shall post again some pictures of myself. NOT until then.)

Better get there fast, huh?

If this were possible for ordinary people, everyone would be doing it. But our determination and sense of higher purpose in ourselves exceeds the ordinary in so many ways. Our beautiful sacrifice and perseverance will be written like the most delicate cursive script across the smooth, clean planes of our lovely bones: We are pure.

As the inside of my arm insists...

Stay Lovely.

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