Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I delete myself, will you cry at my blog funeral? My loves... :(

My lovelies...

This has to be quick, and I know it's random...

I don't know how many of you will even care to read this anymore, considering my lengthy absence, my total (apparent) disregard of your well-being, your lives, your goings-on...

I miss you so much, and so much has been going on.

I write quickly today because I have a choice to make.

I must either delete my blog, or make it entirely private.

If I do the latter (which is preferable), then I'd need to somehow...invite?...people? I guess? to be able to read it? Or they could request readeryness?

I don't know how that works... Fuck.


It's not like I write anymore anyway, you know? Hardly ever. I keep meaning to, and now I actually have something about which to write...

But...deleting this would be to sever contact with so many of the most amazing individuals I've ever encountered with parallel issues to my own, people who understand me in ways that no one else ever, EVER will in my

I can't bring myself to give that up...somehow...


  1. dont delete!!! after all, the 178 followers you have love you and want you here. all the rest could probably request to follow you?

  2. Yeah, don't delete. If you make it private, then your current followers will still be able to read. It's just new people that will need to ask permission or be invited to read. (I think)

  3. Don't delete please. :[
    I would cry at your blog-funeral.

  4. Darling, I don't blame you for absence. I've had some lengthy absences lately, and your life is much busier than mine. Please go private rather than delete. Even if you only wrote out your shopping list once a month, it would be worthwhile for me.
    :) Lola

  5. Wait....please don't delete!! I'm also a mother struggling with an ED and I really found comfort and acceptance from reading this blog. It helps keep me sane. Keep this blog around for any other mom out there who feels like we do, even if you don't post your story is enough to keep me going.

  6. Don't delete :(

    Maybe just move to a new blog? I know it would be hard to add everyone again but it's better then having to invite everyone to follow...

  7. pleeease don't delete. you can make a new blog. you can email one of us the new address so we can help everybody find you. stay strong babygirl.


  8. Whaaat? Do not sever contact with me, or I will come over there and kick your tush! I have practically abandoned my blog too... shit/life happens. But we all have rss feeders, I do the pee-pee dance when I see you've finally made a new post. So what if takes a week, month or year?! I'll read it. Keep your blog.

  9. Don't delete and please add me (

  10. If you delete, we had better exchange email and phone numbers, because I will totally cry if I lose you!

  11. Yeah, don't delete. Warn us if you make it private so we can send our emails to you. <3

  12. Yeah. Ditto. :)

    Whatever you decide, warn us. I'd miss you terribly.

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  14. please please please don't delete. this is so inspiring, and i would miss you so much