Monday, September 6, 2010

Please read...if you wanna be able to read me further. :) Thanks.

All right, lovelies...

It's going private. I don't know if there's an easier way to go about this, but from what I can tell, I'll have to invite everyone individually to view this.

(Is there an easier way and I'm just not seeing it?) Quite possible... I guess what I need in order to offer you continued viewership (if you'd like it... I love the fact that I have so many followers, but I don't know how many of you actually want an invite. I'll let you decide that part for yourself. I'd absolutely adore it if I managed to keep every single one of you...) is email addresses? That's what it seems like.

This may end up being a huge hassle, but I know it'll be worth the time and any trouble in the end. I'll be able to write more freely and maintain a bit more of my peace of mind as well.

So that you're not forced to post your email addresses here in a public forum, I'll include my email here. Feel free to send me your addy (along with your blogger ID) so that I can send you an invite in return. I hope this goes well...

All my hopin'-for-skinny love and good vibes to you, darlinghearts.
Stay lovely.



  1. Woo! Just sent you an email, darling :)

  2. im alittle to lazy for an email lol so i hope its cool if i just put my email address on here
    -stay strong hun

  3. You know me girl, but I'll reiterate so you don't forget to add me!


    but i'm not sure what my blogger id is… <3

  5. - I guess my blogger id is trithinq

    glad you aren't leaving


    I'm glad you aren't leaving for good. I love your blog. :]