Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't do it...

I'm under 700 for the day.

Don't do it.

Don't eat anymore.

Don't binge.
Don't binge.
Don't binge.
Don't fail.

Just a reminder.


I have to regain myself.

It's all I *can* do right now. It's the only part of this insanely rapidspinning crazyland I can grab and hold and keep still.

I just...

Have to.


Fuck this up.


  1. Don't let the food win! lol
    I wish I had better advice than that, but I have faith that you can find some other way to deal with your rapidspinningcraziness! Food is not the answer if you feel like shit afterward :(

  2. Water Water Water Water Water Water
    I've been good today too, finally. Keep chugging cold water down. Feels good. Will feel even better tomorrow when you wake up and know you didn't cave!
    LOVE YA!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness... I go away for college, neglect my blogger for a few days, and look at all I missed! I hope you have decided to keep the blog, but set it to private. So many of us would be sad and lost without your lovely words, whether they come occasionally or daily.

    I know the moment has already passed when you wrote this post and so desperately felt the need to tell yourself not to eat. But whether you ate or not in that moment, tomorrow is a new day and you can choose to make it count for something important. Tomorrow you can tell yourself "don't eat" and you can listen to yourself.

    Once, you said something really beautiful that just made me think a lot so I wrote it down. Maybe I'll remind you of it?

    "Let us be true to what our hearts desire. It is all the freedom we truly have in this world, the ability to follow our hearts. Let us be air." -The lovely wonderful beautiful P.D.

    I love you, darling.

  4. Yeah, just don't.
    I'll try to do the same


  5. thank goodness you're still here, when i read the deletion post i got worried since i've been a horrible follower as of late. you can not go away you are my (th)inspiration, i look up to you the way you manage with your daughter and everything despite hard times and moments and fighting with yourself!!! yes I am selfish lol
    and you can win against the food...I wish I could say the same right now about myself. you're so strong!!!
    Stay Strong