Sunday, June 27, 2010

I just ordered pizza and cinnastix for my ...


and for my toilet bowl?
(let's not kid ourselves here)


I am such a mess.


Purge was successful...Binge wasn't as bad as it could have been. Only one and a half slices consumed, the rest c&s'd. Saved by that, I guess.

Not really, though.



Psychiatrist's follow-up on Wednesday to see how my Topa is working. Ha. This post answer anything? Maybe it's working just fine, and *I'm* still the problem.

Pretty sure that's the case, considering I never have an appetite now when I binge.

Hardly ever, in fact.

Sure, it tasted amazing. And it felt good in my mouth. But it felt horrible in my stomach. Which is why we get rid of things. Logical.


I am anything but. Especially on this much sleep. Little sleep.



  1. I do that too. Ordering food and purging said food is rather expensive too! At least it will stay in your daughter's stomach? Plus -- you get your moneys worth because you taste it twice? I dunno -- it's just plain bad. You're not a mess, you're just... struggling?

  2. Ugh, me too! I just had a couple slices and beer. Gonna wake up so bloated. blech

  3. Pizza is so evil in so many ways. : /

  4. bluagh hate the way it feels inside you. i feel queasy just thinking about the day of eating to come