Monday, June 11, 2012

I guess no more Topamax...

I don't think it's doing any good.

Sure, I've lost approximately five or six pounds in a week or so, but I've also been eating very little. How would I be able to tell if the Topa was doing anything? What I CAN tell is that it's making my head hurt all the time, making me irritable, making me sick to my stomach (even when I DO eat) and just isn't good for me in general.

So I guess I'll stop taking it for now. If I notice that I suddenly start to gain back the few pounds that I DID manage to lose, then I'll start again and finish them off. Then? I don't know what I'll do after. Just starve some more, I guess. And stop drinking so goddamned much every night.

171.6 today. I'm pretty sure it'd be 169.something if I had laxied, but I'm doing my best not to get back into that old habit.

I'm so hungry, but I'm too lazy to cook anything healthy. Raw carrots it is.

Stay lovely, lovies.


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