Wednesday, June 13, 2012

REALLY?!? Not in a good way, no.


Five to six pounds in a week's time? That's awesome. I could live with that for an indefinite number of weeks. How about ten of them, all in a row?

God... the thought of that... I'd be 110 - 120 pounds. JEEBUS I'd be fucking perfect.

But now... I've been stagnating again. At 170.something for three days now. And I can't help but wonder if it's the missing Topamax. Ha. I'm ridiculous. Like two days could make that much of a difference.

...or could they? I must do some thinking, obviously. I need to be thin again.

Ironically, I need to go eat. Ha. Loser. But yeah...Breakfast is one meal I will NOT skip.

Pictures to come soon... not that you want to see them.

Stay lovely,


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  1. So... What I wanna know is whether you ended up with sexy Australian prof or not... I couldn't find where you said for sure.