Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ADHD meds rock my socks...Wired up.

I’d like to think that I haven’t lost my fondness of this blog already; I’m always so good at the upkeep of things like this for the first few days, weeks, sometimes months, and then suddenly I apparently drop off the face of the planet, never to write again. I’ve seen this journaling to be quite therapeutic and I’d like to keep it up. Life, however, has a way of getting amazingly complicated and busy without much warning these days, so I can’t promise an entry every day. Pssh. I talk as if someone’s reading. If you are… Hellooooo out there! :D

I currently feel quite horrible physically, but mentally I just couldn’t be better. Odd, huh? I just got back from the gym for the second time today. I don’t have the opportunity to run so much very often, so when I realized that I had an extra hour before I truly HAD to get home, I leapt for it. This only puts me at about four miles today, but hey…that’s better than stopping with the two I got this morning, right? AND I made it to class today, AND I had to park across America at school since there was absolutely NO parking near the athletic center…Jeebus. Lemme tell you the good stuff first. I’ve only consumed approximately 1,000 calories today. I know, that sounds like a lot (okay, not really, considering the *minimum* requirement for the average woman is supposedly 1,200, but we’re talking about me here). So at 1,000 calories (high-quality ones too, not like junk food…fruit and yogurt and granola and salad and egg whites and whatnot) I’m pretty woozy at the moment. I probably wouldn’t be if I hadn’t burned nearly 500 running alone. Add to that the amount of calories my body burns by merely functioning and walking the hilly hills of my university, and you’ve got a HUGE deficit going. :D Yes, you’re absolutely correct, that IS fantastic. Also fantastic is the fact that I have to make cupcakes in a little bit and I can totally afford to have one without feeling an ounce of guilt. Okay, maybe an ounce…because if I chose to forgo the cupcake I’d be even better off, but you gotta have your treats every once in a while or you’ll surely go batshit crazy (or binge). It’s essential, of course, to try at least a little bit of my own creation to make sure that I’ve not totally botched the recipe. So. Until then I will drink lots of water, hope to rid myself of the dizzy feeling swimming around my head, and try to focus on the multiple tasks that lie ahead of me this evening.
Oh, and the bad. Well, the dizzy feeling is part of it. Also, my shins literally feel broken. I’ve fractured bones before and it hurts like hell, but those bones were usually fractured in mere seconds, by some sort of blunt trauma or wrong step or something like that. Thing about shin splints is that it’s a gradual process, and they don’t really hurt like this until after you’ve stepped off the treadmill, after you’ve driven home…My exercise endorphins head for the hills and the pain becomes real, unbearable, and a little scary. I certainly can’t be screwing up my legs like that…They’re the only two I have! Plus…I mean, let’s be real…I’m not going to stop running. I have to. Either that or I stop eating. And we just can’t have that. I get too faint. It’s bad for you. Starvation mode, all that…Yeah, I try to avoid it. I know, I know, I’m kinda pushing it with the whole “VLC diet/under 1,200” thing already. Meh. I grow weary of this subject. :P I have to go pick up the little one anyway.
There’s so much more to write here about so many other things that are going through my heart and my head, but I don’t even trust the anonymity of the internet in this case with those thoughts, so I suppose I’ll keep them to myself. Wish me luck with cold compresses…They’re supposed to help with the splints. Oh, and I’ll need some luck with the ridiculous amount of homework I have ahead of me as well. Sooo…send some over?

Side note...Strattera is awesome. No appetite whatsoever. Bonus.

Be well, every last one of you.

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