Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things are ... looking up? Perhaps?

So I've decided that I'll stop apologizing to the few of you who may read this every once in a while for my lack of consistency in keeping up with it. Meh. What can I say? I'm a busy lady. That, and I haven't had too much to write over the past couple of days. Sure, tons of stuff has been going on, it always does... Life has this tendency to happen, you know? But when I write, in case you hadn't noticed already, my subject is usually pretty depressing, you know? Of course you do. Depressing and down and sad or angry or lost or confused or bothered...You know, negative. The reason is simple enough: the feelings I'd rather release, be without, etc., find their release here, and in poetry. Yes, I'm selfish and I write for myself. For my own sanity, therapy, whatever you'd like to call it. It helps, whether or not anyone is actually reading it. A public diary. Who would've thought? Thing is, when things are going just swimmingly, and I don't have any angst with which to fill these pages, I just... don't write. Instead, I go out and go camping with my boyfriend, or cook a random dinner for my uncle just because he loves my cooking, or instigate a spontaneous tickle party with my toddler because I LIVE for her laughter. These are things I do when I'm happy. I certainly don't have time, then, for sitting in silent brooding over a keyboard that must, by now, be way past tired of my tears falling in between its keys. As of this very moment, I sit here before a dimmed living room, as its past 9:30 PM, watching my little one perform daring feats of senseless recklessness all over the furniture quite a bit past her bedtime. And I'm happy. I'm currently enjoying a glass of wine that wasn't poured in hopes of medicating myself or forgetting anything or anyone, and I'm happy. I'm running in a 5k this weekend for the YMCA a few counties north of here and I'm really excited to push myself in that way, to test my own stamina and endurance, and that also makes me happy. I've managed to continue losing weight and toning muscle in my legs and arms WITHOUT the help of those overpriced diet pills...and that makes me VERY happy. I don't feel like complaining about a single thing...well, my upper back hurts quite a bit...this chair really sucks at being a chair... but other than that, my overall state is quite... content. Satisfied. It's a relatively uncommon feeling, but I could definitely get used to it. :) May mean that I don't write as much here... maybe... but perhaps that's a good thing. On the other hand, I very well could be back here on Monday with some new drama... You just don't know, now do you? ... :P Stay tuned, and stay well...

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