Saturday, May 8, 2010

Belly dancing seems like a good idea.

I tried getting into it, way back when.

I was heavier. I got discouraged. I was probably at about 145 or so. I had more abs then, because I hadn't starved all my muscle away, but there was more fat covering them, too.

Now my abs have nearly gone, but so has the fat. So has the jiggly hip stuff that shimmies when you belly dance. But I've seen some skinny belly dancers shake their shit and it still looks damn sexy. I'm thinkin' if I were to really get back into it, the muscles would come. And then I would be awesome.

I pulled out my old belly dancing coin scarf and tried it on. Queued up some good tabla drum beats and realized that yes, I could definitely find this groove again. Perhaps getting back into this will help me find my center a bit in something other than this, my ever-present obsession.

I took a picture. Here it is.

I love ya'll. ;)


  1. belly dancing is sexy as hell, and i hear it's pretty good exercise. have fun with it, and your abs of awesomeness will surely follow!

  2. Your body is amazing and I'm absolutely jealous.

  3. Holy fucking thinspo! I'm so incredibly jealous of you now. :P

    I've actually been meaning to get back into belly dancing too! I should find my hip scarf.


  4. Your body is perfect. I love belly dancing. I am half Arab so its embedded in me. Its like walking for me....need to start doing it though, st least that would be some exercises.a

  5. your stomach is gorgeous.

  6. sexy sexy =) love belly dancing, i bet ud look gorgeous =)

  7. Your body is so GORGEOUS!! Look at you!! xoxo

  8. Beautiful!! Your ribs are to die for...
    Belly dancing sounds so much fun!! And I've noticed that too - if heavier girls can be super sexy than the hell I can too! haha They have classes here at my school but I'd want someone to do them with me and they're kinda expensive..... Someday. :)

  9. if that picture is of you, GOOD FUCKING JOB. stop right now, you're good ;)