Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today...I fit a size 2. What...?

That can't be right.

This will be a relatively short post. But I couldn't NOT blog about this. It's kind of a momentous thing, you know?

I was out with a really good friend of mine (she had to do some returning of things, shopping, etc.) and though I didn't have any plans to buy anything, I figured it couldn't hurt to try on some swanky expensive clothing while we were out...cuz that's always fun, right?

This dress I picked up was $158. I would never spend that on a dress. I could probably find something very similar to it at Ross or T.J. Maxx or something for like $20 anyway...but that's not the point. We're at Ann Taylor. This place is pretty fancy (not REALLY fancy) and all of the clothing is GORGEOUS. I pick up a size 2. Why? Because I'm crazy and I want to see how far I have to go before I can fit into it. How many more inches must I lose? So I take into the dressing room. Prepare for disappointment. Slide. Shimmy. Zip. Wtf?

Size...effing...2. (This is at 5'6.5" and 128 lbs. as of this morning, btw...)

My day was made, obviously.


I mean, other shit is going on in my life that is not so awesome. Naturally. Really...not...awesome. :( Heartbreaky stuff that makes my soul ache. But...you know? This kind of little afternoon pick-me-up can't hurt.

I put it back and told myself that it'll be on sale in a few months...or the discount rack at T.J. Maxx next week. ;)

Love ya, ladies. Sottile, thank you for the Beautiful Blogger award. YOU, milady, are beautiful. I'll have to do the proper give'embackouts when my daughter's not bein' all rambunctious and needing bedtime stories. ;)


Stay lovely.


  1. Wow, you are so gorgeous it's unbelievable.
    No joke.
    And that dress? Well, put bluntly, it's kind of the sex. Just saying.
    Aww, bedtime stories. :] I miss those. You're so wonderful, it's amazing. It seems like you're one of those mothers that's just absolutely effing awesome. I kind of wish I could be like you.

  2. size 2, WAHOOOOO! =]

    that is SO awesome. i'm so excited for you. =]

  3. You're amazing, and beautiful, and strong. You'll get through the heartbreaky stuff.
    Congrats on size 2, by the way!

    I'm thinking about you, love.

  4. Uhhh, I agree, that dress+you=the sex. Haha! You are beautiful PD!! Just gorgeous!! And doing so very well.

  5. Oh wow! You are BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Love that dress!! You should wait for it to go on sale and buy that size two dress because you look HOT!!!

  7. whoa! check this shit out!
    little miss P.D. in a size 2!
    congrats (:
    and keep your chin up,
    the heartbreaky stuff will work itself out.

  8. you have a daughter?

    FUCK ME.

    size 2 and gorgeous.

  9. you are stunning, absolutely beautiful - I don't think words can describe how lovely you look

    plus, congrats on the size 2!

  10. I am so happy for you I'm doing a happy dance!

    Dance dance dance!

    Too bad that dress isn't cheaper because it is GORGEOUS on you! What a beautiful color!

    And you look SOOOOO skinny in it!

    Jealous to the core!

    But loving it! And loving you! Good job!!


  11. :O OMG NICE JOB!!

    I'm soooo jealous/proud/envious/ecstatic.

    Great going!!


  12. size 2 is one size away from zero! you look great and i love that dress!

  13. Ooh you are GORGEOUS!

    Can we trade bodies for a day? Pleeaaaase? I'll take really good care of yours, I promise. I just want to go shopping in a size 2 body, haha!

    Hugs for the heartbreaky stuff...lots and lots of hugs.