Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been missing, even from myself. Don't worry, though.

It's normal, for finals week. I've gotta try and be present for school, ya know?

Studying is especially difficult, I find, as of late. I'm starving my mind, in more ways than one, even aside from diet-related issues. It's also apparent that my Topamax makes it hard for me to concentrate on reading (or rather, staying focused while reading long passages)... This is no bueno.

Today is my last final. Children's Literature. It will be my most challenging exam yet. Wish me luck.

128.6 today, by the way. After a few bad days of bingeing like it didn't even matter (when we all know it really, REALLY does) and getting all the way back up to 132, seeing this number really does wonders for my sense of regained self-control. Yes.

I needed that.

Know what else I need?

More ink. Gah. Can I look like her, please? In every way possible?

<3 you, loves.


  1. Good luck getting through your last final!
    And congrats on being in the 128 range again :)

  2. Good luck on your final! You can do it!

  3. good luck, and you're already as skinny as that girl :)

  4. good luck good luck good luck
    (said 3 times for extra luck!)

  5. Good luck! I really hope you do well. :]