Friday, October 23, 2009

High-ho, hi-ho (sp?)! It's off to bleepin' work I go...

So I guess you're lucky this afternoon (depending on how you look at things) because I don't feel much like writing. *Anticipates collective gasp of disbelief* Yeah, I know. I adore writing (in case I haven't made that painfully obvious as of yet. Today, however, my brain is tired and my body is too, and there is much housework to do before I am set free for the weekend. I managed to get myself to the gym today (fifth consecutive day...yay... :P) and used the elliptical for about half an hour, but, truth be told, I had chocolate in the car and didn't want it melting before I got it home. No, it's not for me... I actually owe a certain someone that particular component of a proper s'mores experience, seeing as how I somehow consumed the last of a Hershey's bar for breakfast one morning, leaving him s'mores-less. Luckily for me, the weather is beautiful today and nothing melted. Fantastic.

So much to do, so little energy or motivation. So little time, too, actually. Ideally, I'd finish ALL of my "chores" before 6, so that I could go pick up the little one and spend some time with her this evening before she heads off to bed. As it is, I'm nearly certain my duties will keep me from such pleasures, as I've only begun and it's 4:25 in the PM... *sigh...* Won't someone just help me escape for a little while? No, I don't mean from the house...just from life. From responsibility. From concern, worry, stress, LIFE. I know exactly to whom I want to run, right now... and he'd gladly take me in a heartbeat, like the wonderful prince charming that he is. Alas, I am not a princess in a fairy tale, try as I may to wake up each morning as such...and the entire friggin' house requires my immediate attention. Off to work I go...dunno how to whistle...need me some dwarves... I know, so un-PC...gimme a break, just leave me be with my princess metaphors and have yourself a merry little Friday.

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