Friday, October 30, 2009

I really need to pick up another late night hobby.

So it's midnight and the house is quiet, I'm done with the majority of my housework for the evening, and I actually *finally* have a few moments to myself in which nothing is expected of me. Wow. It's quite a feeling. I fell asleep for a few minutes while putting my little girl down; she had to keep waking me up because I was nodding off between bedtime books. :P Funny, now that I have the time to write I don't feel like writing at all. Why am I here, then? Good question. Boredom, probably. Restlessness. I'm tired but not sleepy. Sleep is never a waste of time but sometimes it can feel that way. I have a speech outline due Monday afternoon and I've not even *started* it. Granted, I do have a good hour and a half break right before that class, and, given my literary skills and advanced degree in bullshitology, I should have no problem in simply whipping something up right before class. All the same, I kinda enjoy that feeling of preparedness that comes with actually having planned something in advanced for once... New Years Resolution Idea # 56: Stop procrastinating. Pssh. Riiiiiiight.

Night, all. Camping tomorrow!! Hiking! Yay! ((Hiking burns TONS of calories...should be awesome after the three miles I'll run in the morning.))
Be well. :)

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