Saturday, October 24, 2009

It nearly fits...

I realize that this is a pretty ridiculous expectation, goal, or whatever, but when I first started trying to lose weight last September I decided that I'd be satisfied when I was small enough to fit into my old prom dress from my junior year of high school. It's a size four, and it's absolutely beautiful. I leave it hanging in its dry cleaner's garment bag in the hall closet, occasionally pulling it out to simply gaze upon its sheer awesomeness, inevitably recalling some of the happy memories associated with the times I wore it. I was 16, though, and obviously not done growing. Not yet an adult, not a mother. So to expect weight loss alone to whittle me down to that same size four is not only unreasonable, it's unfathomable. Honestly. BUT...I tried it on anyway. Yesterday, before the Halloween party. It nearly fits. My boobs are actually apparently smaller now than they were back then, because there's this gap in the bodice area where my chest is too small for the dress. :( Thing is, the zipper comes all the way up in the back, leaving only about two inches before it'd be completely zipped. It's not my boobs, obviously, so what is it? My waist isn't keeping it from's my ribcage. Barely! Makes sense. I was 16. Duh. That, and pregnancy often permanently widens the ribcage as well as the hips. But still! I can't get over how awesome it is that it's SO close to fitting! :D

Just thought I'd share that with... anyone? Hm. I was thinking today that it's entirely possible that no one's reading. Does it matter? I would like to think that someone out there is, but at the same time I know that the main purpose of this writing is to save myself from insanity. That being said, I'm going to go upload some pictures of my awesome Halloween get-up from last night... I was one smokin' hot zombie prom queen. ;)


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