Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something to add about my waistline...

...well, maybe not my waist so much as my ...ahem... to be crude, lemme say T&A? Yep, my bust and my butt. Both have decreased in size over the past month or so, despite what I consider to be frequent overeating and breakage of plan rules, etc... My boobs have gone down an entire cup size over the past three months; I'm at a large A at the moment (much to my chagrin, as you can imagine) and I've lost about an inch around my hips, around the widest part of my butt. Awesome, right? I don't know. I've stayed about the same around my waist, which means that my waist-to-hip ratio has slightly changed, possibly in the wrong direction. Sure, I'm still in the healthy range, but ideally my waist would be shrinking along with the rest of me. The only thing I can figure is that my consistency in the areas of running and remembering to take my pills is paying off (probably mostly the running, since the pills haven't served me very well at all over the past year and a half). Huh. Fancy that. I'm seeing longer, leaner leg muscles instead of my previously bulky (albeit strongly stacked) calves and thighs. Walking and elliptical = thick, strong muscular legs, very defined, cut calves, etc... Running daily = leaner, thinner calves and less definition of that muscle group, with more definition in my outer thighs. To sum it up? Keep running, binge less, and maybe I'll start to see an improvement in the waist area. Awesome.

See ya'll. ;)

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