Sunday, December 27, 2009

Distractions of the inkish persuasion...

I need a sketch book. I thought about purchasing one right before we left Texas, but decided against it as I was positive my car insurance would certainly draft out of my account before I had a chance to put anything else in there. Can't do that. NSF fees are upwards of $32 a pop. No thanks, I'm good.

A paper napkin would probably serve my purposes well, just so long as it isn't covered in patterns of merry little Santa figures or bright red and green poinsettia petals/leaves...Kinda hard to draw on those.

Art has always distracted me from...well, anything I desired at the time. Troubles with the geography teacher? Draw a picture. Fiending for some meth while you sit in health class? Draw a picture. Trying to think of excuses as to where you were last night so your psycho drug-addict boyfriend doesn't beat the living shit out of you? Well...I probably wouldn't have been able to distract myself from that. Those parts of my high school memories are so effectively blurred by the natural process of repression that I often wonder if what I *do* recall is truth or my imagination. More than likely a mixture of both.

Either way, I realized today that I haven't given my artistic side much of a chance to work its magic on my eating disorder. Why not? I've tried crazier things before.

Today, we'll be headed over to the boyfriend's grandmother's house for somewhat of a make-up Christmas dinner. As you may know from a few of my previous entries, we were pretty well snowed in for most of Christmas eve and Christmas day. Meh. I saw it as a good out when it came to the meal I dreaded, but I did miss seeing everyone. Today, we shall get our chance to catch up with the relatives...and all of their delicious culinary concoctions. Oh, joy.

Tattoo time is approaching quickly. I'll need to have more than a rough sketch by mid-January, and I haven't even come up with a solid outline. While the buffet table lies laden with cookies, brownies, peppermint bark (talk about your MMMmmm), mashed potatoes, corn, ham, beans, potatoes of another variety, I'm sure, breads of all different kinds, all warm and slathered in melting butter...Cranberries and stuffing and green beans and hopefully...if I'm lucky... plenty of salad on which I can quickly fill my growling stomach in attempt to dissuade it from further ravenous displays of weakness. *sigh*

May Isis keep me.



  1. Hey, I love your blog and I would appreciate it so much if you read mine...I just started it. Stay strong, <3


  2. Oh wow... the part where you mention not knowing if your memories are truth or imagined... I know exactly what you mean! I often scare myself because I just don't know if I can trust my own brain or not... once again, you are not alone in that aspect of your life.

    Stay strong at the dinner, and have a wonderful time visiting everyone! <3