Thursday, December 31, 2009

We'll just go ahead and round up to 300.

Today's breakfast was not a fail, though I wouldn't necessarily call it a success, either.

* 1/2 English muffin, with margarine, Splenda, and cinnamon. Chewed and spit. Not worth it.
* One egg. Eaten in its entirety. Yolk broke, or else it would've just been the white. Meh.
* The other 1/2 of that English muffin, eaten with the egg.
* Coffee. Win! Calorie free. Beautiful, perfect coffee. You never betray me.

...Stop there? That would've been prudent. I was mouth was still restless. You know the feeling. It can also be called the can be the deadly prequel to an unexpected binge. "I just want one more bite...of *something*..."
It can also be called by its common name, since we're all honest here... WEAKNESS.

* 50 calories of peanut butter. This is actually somewhat of a tiny success in the face of potential fail...For those of you who find peanut butter to be one of your own vices: YOU guys know what I'm talking about. 50 calories of peanut butter is NOTHING. Two tablespoons (suggested serving size) can total anywhere between 130 and 220, depending on the brand and type. My itty bitty spoonful was probably even less than 50, but I prefer to round up. Better safe than sorry, right?

* 6 M&Ms. I have no idea how many calories are in 6 M&Ms. I guessed approximately 40. They're just regular peanuts or anything.

* A two inch square of homemade pineapple cherry cake... I know what the ingredients are, but not in what amounts. It's made with crushed pineapple and its juice, cherry pie filling, sugar (naturally), flour, and margarine. Chewed and spit all of it, but I tend to involuntarily swallow the tiniest bit every couple of bites still...Getting better, though. It almost hurts my throat muscles to do it correctly, getting every last bit of it out, but I know it's worth it. Of course, there are some things I've given up on trying to c&s... peanut butter is one of them. Chocolate is really difficult too, but I've done it. Yogurt is nearly impossible. Meh.

So I'm going to round up to 300. This is why I don't consider this morning a complete fail. Half an hour on the elliptical and it's gone. As if it never happened. So that's fine with me.

I think we have another lunch date today with another of the bf's old friends. Hm. Fun fun.

Ah, geez...I'm being beckoned by the littlest princess over here. Apparently it's time to play the matching game. :) For those of you who have taken the time to comment and ask questions, thank you...I promise I'll come back and answer you. Just hard (to do a great number of things) when a three-year-old is directly in your ear, whining the same phrase over and over and over and OVER again: "NOW do you want to play, Mommy? Now? Now? What about now? Are you almost DONE already, Mommy?"

*sigh...* :P She's the light of my life, this little one. And also my biggest stress. Ha. Okay. Second biggest. ;)

Good day to all of you, lovelies. Write again ASAP.


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  1. :) My daughter is like that as well. She has been pestering me to get out the easy bake oven and the cake boss decorating set.. Just what we need right? Tiny little yummy cakes of goodness! HA! Maybe we need to play a matching game instead.
    I totally get the restless mouth /must just bite something else thing!

    I just had a mini binge last night, or an ED binge maybe.. I had this overwhelming urge to chew, bite crunch something.. but I was trying to be good! So, I made myself a plate of carrot chips (fun thing we found in produce) and some diet ranch dressing (40C in a tbsp) a cut up dill pickle, 2 slices deli meat and 10 pretzel nuggets and cut up strawberries... It looked like a ton of food, but probably had no fat content and was under 350C, but I still ate it in a rush, just to eat, chew and probably - relieve stress!