Monday, December 21, 2009

Mini binge...second night in a row. wtf?


Had some more clementine oranges and an apple all sliced up with cinnamon and ginger, thrown in a little cranberry juice and boiled over medium heat for a few minutes...Like a delicious apple-orange-cranberry pie...without the crust. Then another rice cake.

656. No exercise today. Not yet, anyway. Still time, of course, but the boyfriend is taking a late nap in the room where the elliptical is. So.

I think I'll round up to 700 to be safe. This evening feels a lot like yesterday. Hopefully I won't feel the intense need to eat something like steamed carrots and peas at 9 PM. That was a little fail.

I grow weary of trying so hard. This happens every so often. Then I either look at some amazing thinspo online to remind myself of why I try so hard...or I look at my own disgusting reflection and...remember why I try so hard.

The little one requires my immediate (and possibly prolonged) attention.

Be well.

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