Thursday, December 24, 2009

There's a log burning on my TV...

So we left off at 660, and I was still there by dinner time, which was early, thankfully.

I ate only a couple bites of everything, as it *was* a family dinner. I sipped coffee and water between each bite, just to be sure and not finish before everyone else. Worked out pretty well.

Starting: 660
Turkey: 135
Mashed potatoes: 50
Corn: 30
Cranberries: 50
Banana: 100
1/3 cookie: 40 (C&S the other 2/3)
Apple: 45
Total by 7:19 PM : 1110
Margin of error compensation: (rounding up) 1200

Usually, this would be considered a relatively decent day. I say 'usually' because before I started obsessing heavily again, I was satisfied with 1200 a day, as long as I had exercised earlier. As it is today, I've only burned an excess 150 or so, which is pretty fail by itself, but I've also spent a good amount of the day sitting on my ass.

Sorry if this is boring. I apologize. Hopefully I won't feel the need to get back on and complain even more. ;) Appreciate your patience and understanding; the holiday food in this house is ridiculously stressful.

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