Saturday, December 26, 2009

The obsession lives.

No, not the obsession you'd figure, though I don't blame you for a moment if you guessed *that* one first, if you follow me at all.

This hellish hole in which I most often find myself now is preceded by a much earlier, much deeper, more passionate love...hard to imagine, huh? Before food was an enemy, before the mirror told me lies and I became weak enough to let the numbers rule my beautiful consciousness...I was healthy. Shit, was I healthy.

Three of my six tattoos are dedicated to my love of ancient Egypt. I am completely and entirely convinced of the fact that I spent at least one of my previous lives amongst those amazing people, their gods and goddesses...Isis herself graces my left arm, and her beloved Osiris shall join her in time. Ink costs serious dinero. How else shall I express my seemingly innate adoration (indeed, an obsession) with all of it... I'm such a dork. I'm talking goosebumps down both my arms and hairs on end all down my back...just watching a National Geographic special on Tutankhamen's life and (speculation about) his untimely death. Big. Dork.

I can't stay long this evening. It's late, and my daughter will surely be waking me earlier than I'd like in the morning. All the same, I thought I'd share a bit of what's on my mind this evening, as I contemplate images of Seshat and Pakhet and Hathor as they shall appear in my next half-sleeve...Coming soon, to a somewhat skinny girl near you. ;)

Stay tuned for photos...and as always...

Stay well, my lovelies.

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