Friday, December 18, 2009

This is...AMAZING.

I hate it when I lose track of my calories in a day. I have an approximation, but when you go to a restaurant or eat a homemade meal with the family, it's pretty difficult to estimate what you're eating, calorie-wise. Meh. I was pretty darned careful...I think I may have hit about 1200. But I worked out this morning, so I think I'm safe. Turns out the only scale here is one of those old dial ones...with tiny, itty-bitty, hardly discernible lines between pounds...ah, I miss my digital one already. It's only a few weeks, only a few weeks... Just have to be EXTRA careful...Like I wasn't already, right?

In other news, I have just been made aware of THE single most incredible and significant food product ever invented... Calorie-free peanut butter spread. Yes. It exists. Walden Farms, a well-known brand name in my house, has served me well with their sugar-free, fat-free, and calorie-free salad dressings and BBQ sauce. Now... PEANUT BUTTER! If you've read any of my previous entries, you may very well know of my affinity, my *obsession* with peanut butter. I have spent countless hours agonizing over the calorie and fat content of what I consider to be one of my very *favorite* foods (forbidden as it is) but NOW...I have to have this stuff!!! I'm wondering now if I've just overlooked it in the supermarket because, even though I've VERY often wished that someone would make calorie-free peanut butter, I just never thought it possible, so I never looked. I kind of just resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't an option. This is HUGE. I will have it. It will be wonderful.

All right, I'll have to leave for now. Gotta get the little one down. I am happier than I should be over food...seriously, I don't get this excited unless I've lost weight. :P

Be well, all.

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