Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fasting slowly...

Today's fast is going well.

Granted, it's only about 11 AM. Still. That's nearly halfway through the day. One bottle of water and a strongish cup of coffee and I'm set for the afternoon.

Good thing, too, since we'll be leaving to a friend's house for lunch any minute now.

Woke up this morning to the tantalizing aroma of biscuits and eggs benedict in the kitchen. I resisted with flying colors.

I just thought I'd provide you all with an update, in case you were curious as to how my starving was going. :P

I wish you all well in your separate endeavors all over the world, wherever you may be, in your ever-admirable quest for perfection. We shall have it.



  1. Thank you for your wonderful comment :)
    This is great. We're in this together. Ah, I love it.

    I have never had an ana texting buddy before. But I think you and I have so much in common, and I think it would be great! I also have unlimited texting :)

  2. ...and I forgot to say that I'm so happy that the fasting is going well so far. <3

  3. Good job on the fasting :)
    How long are you gonna keep going for??
    Good on you for resisting the deserts btw, that must have been hard...
    Keep going, i know you can do it :)
    Xx. Lillie
    Ps, i hope your daughter is a happy little munchkin :)