Thursday, April 8, 2010

About time for some negativity, don't you think?

Okay, so no one wants to hear me whine, I know this.

I'll keep it short.

I should be writing a 1,500 word essay for my Children's Literature class anyway. Thing is...

I feel fat today.

Big fucking surprise, right? Don't we all? I mean, honestly, Captain of the Blatantly Muthafuckin' OBVIOUS, what in the goddess's good name is new?



Probably because the scale is up from yesterday. Probably because I'm bloated (gluteny gassy nonsense). Probably because we're working on self-portraits for our finals in art and today (of all days, when I'm not wearing makeup and I'm looking like a landwhale) we got to take pictures of each other to draw later.



Fortunately, the finished product will be a shoulders-up shot.


Here're a few of the pics they took:

That one came out all right. Guess I'll probably use it. The others showed far too much of my arms and my stomach...and the *shudder* extra EVERYTHING that accompanies each of them.

I'm sorry. Whineage is never fun, is it? Not fun for anyone.
Yep, it rhymes. I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it.

Actually, I did.

Ummm...I bought myself some chocolates. Fail. Right? I thought it'd be damage control. Is that rationalization? Perhaps. They're 44 calories each, 78% dark cacao. They're tiny squares, all wrapped individually, so you can have one a day.

This will be a challenge.

You know what else will be a challenge?

Getting myself through the rest of this day.

Love you, lovelies.


  1. i wish i liked dark chocolate .. and if a small piece of it is 44cal i can't imagine how much is in regular milk chocolate .. :O
    your doing good sweety, and your beautiful!

  2. I'd buy the individually wrapped chocolates with all the best intentions... and then eat them all in one shot. :( You must have better willpower than me.

    You will get through today and be awesome while doing it! Am I right?
    Sorry, feeling a little giddy myself today. ;)

  3. i'm sorry you're having a yucky day :(

    for what it's worth, i think you look great in the pics - especially the first one. it shows off how thin your arm is!

    love you lots, still sending positive thoughts your way <3

  4. I don't think those photos are bad at all. You look really cool ;D I especially like the first one.
    Sorry you are feeling so down though. I hope tomorrow is a really good day for you <3
    Wow, only 44 cal a piece? Awesome!
    Stay strong <3

  5. I typically have a small amount of chocolate every day, just to keep myself from binging on it. It really works for me! And I think with the individually wrapped pieces, it will be easier to only have one piece.

    Good luck on your essay! xo

  6. You do have tiny arms. All your features are so delicate.

    I think the chocolate is a good idea. Nice to have something to look forward to at night when you stick to your plan.

    Girl I cannot keep my ass outta the kitchen today. Emptied the kids fricken cereal box! I am so ashamed.

  7. The first photo of you is gor-gor-gorgeous! You look in-fucking-credible girl :) This may be too much, but I'd go gay for you.



  8. first time i got to see you properly, face and style-wise. =) i like your hair and tattoos (very off-topic but i felt the need to say it XD )
    certain days we feel ESPECIALLY fat. not just fat but so fat if we were at the cinema we would be sitting next to all other people kind of fat. so when you say that it doesnt sound obvious to me =) hehe
    stay strong, i agree with lola. ur first picture is just beautiful =) jealousy! hehe x

  9. You will get through it, and sure you can look forward to tomorrow, because it will be a good day :)
    I love the first photo, you look so pretty in it, je pense. xo

  10. niiiice! I think especially your hair looks amazin in those pictures!
    sorry, i haven't read your last couple posts and felt really guilty about that. :( I just couldn't find the time :D Because your posts are always soooo long and there's so much in it, i don't want to miss anything and really have to sit down and read it properly. But i had the time today :) and it made me happy. I still love your blog and will follow you untiiiiiiiiiiil you stop blogging!

  11. You're so pretty ♥

    Also, you got an award from me (check my blog haha)! ^^ Cause you're that awesome :)

  12. hey i was wondreing how that Topamax thing went for you .. those pills .. did they not work for you?? i just got my hands one them :D