Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why can't I...?

...just MAKE myself eat some goddamned broccoli?


Like, two pieces.

A stalk of asparagus.

Do it.

Prove yourself wrong, and right, all at once.

Eat something.


  1. try blind folding yourself or closing your eyes before you eat it... meditating for a bit, and then really quickly shoving the broccoli in your mouth- chew it as fast as you can and swallow. there. then your done for the food you need to eat for the day. meditate a little more to get all your thoughts about it all sorted out. you might feel nauseous- so go for a slow walk.

    thats what i do anyway.

  2. ...thanks, Anonymous. I might have to try the meditation thing. Appreciate your help.

  3. sorry but you wanted it,you so wanted it, just the way it is now! stop taking the pills if you really want to eat again..

  4. (A.) That "sorry" isn't genuine, but "thank you" anyway. (B.) I can't just stop taking them; the repercussions for doing so are far worse than the side effects of the pills themselves. (C.) The binge-eating habits for which I have been prescribed the medication are more detrimental to my mental health than anything I am experiencing currently. (D.) Have yourself a lovely day, and thank you for reading. :)

  5. I don't have any advice really, I never have good advice, but if you close your eyes, pick it up quickly and put it in your mouth, chew quick, and swallow, it will all be over in a few minutes.
    Have a good weekend, xo.

  6. I don't really have very good advice on this one, I like how all veggies taste.
    Obviously, you have a better reason NOT to..
    So yeah. Just wishing you some strength.
    And also wishing the rude anonymous person a wonderful day.

  7. lol anonymous! Pick on someone your own size... And I do mean that literally.

    P.D. fuck the broccoli, what do you actually like? When you get to the "cant" eat, find the "would" eat. Is pasta ok? Maybe make some alfredo?

    Whatever sounds interesting (or atleast ok) to you, make it, and put it in a Tupperware container. Then have a bit each night.
    Try that for a couple weeks until you get sick of it and then try something new.

    xoxo zen

  8. Perfect! They have tons of vitamins and nutrients in em right? That's a great way to keep up your energy. I think Carnation makes sugar free breakfast shakes too.

  9. Do you think you could get juice or a smoothie down? If so, try making something, at least you'll get some calories, and hoepfully it won't affect you too adversely. Those shakes sound good, too.

    And I know that what I said earlier sounds very similar to anonymous's version, but it wasn't intended like that. You definitely cannot just "quit" the meds; like most prescriptions, the side effects of suddenly quitting are far worse than the initial symptoms. What dosage are you on? It may be possible for you to cut back a little, at least to see what happens, how it affects you. Just a thought.

    I love you, and I hope something works soon! :) *hugs*

  10. I think the shakes, smoothies and any foods that sound appetizing are all good suggestions :)

    I hope you are okay. And please know that I'm here for you! Things will get better and we will be skinny and it will all have been worth it. I will be thinking positive, lovely thoughts about you and hope that you have a better day tomorrow!

    love you <3

  11. That sucks. Between a rock and a hard spot. Huh. I don't know what to say. Eat something you really like or used to like at leaste try, because veggies sound sad and nausiating.

  12. In the spirit of my new blogger etiquette I'm replying to your comment on your blog! Thanks for the support! And I will try to reply on here because you are so busy and supporting so many people. That sounded like sarcasm: not so!

    On to more important subjects: you. I don't like this recent, stressed P.D. Obviously still <3 you, but I mean I don't like that you're getting freaked out. Try not to worry so much (easier said than done). I think the others' advice is good-try liquid calories and food that you really like if it's calories you're worrying about getting in. Or try eating very energy dense foods-not veggies! If you're worried about nutrition take a vitamin supplement, or try something like soy milk or protein shakes with added vitamins. If it's just these things then don't freak out. People have fasted for very long periods of time without doing irreperable damage to their bodies. When you want, you can ease of the meds and be fine.

    If you're worried about the the fact that mentally you feel yourself becoming anxious about food and unable to face anything, well I hear ya. When I had anorexia I became totally freaked out by any and all food-I wouldn't even eat things like salad because I became terrified of the thought of any kind of food matter in my body. But I managed to eat again, it is do-able. I'm currently worried about going the same way again because at some point I'm going to have to start eating after all this restriction and fasting, so you're not alone in this. We can be there for each other. And everyone is here for you, we won't let you fall.

    Always here for you,

    Elle xx