Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshiny awards and wouldyabelieve it? Gettin' thinner!

First things first because it's just killing me to keep it inside: 134.6!!! *jumps up and down and does a ridiculous happy dance in lacy black boy shorts and a t-shirt* Good thing you can't see me do my happy dance in my slack-around clothes because there's still so much jigglage going on in these boy shorts that most ANYone would probably avert their eyes...STILL!!!!! That's a pound down from yesterday. :D Winnage abounds.

I attribute this drop to a few factors. Yesterday's intake consisted mostly of chocolate multi-grain cheerios and steamed vegetables. TONS of water. Can't even tell you how much water. Topamax has me drinking like a fish and I love it. My skin loves me for it. Apparently, the scale's rewarding me for it too. This is bueno.

Also, I had two vodka cocktails last night (made with Diet Sunkist that tasted like flat salt water, also thanks to the Topa) and my body always reacts to vodka in the same way it reacts to laxatives and most other wheat/grain products, incidentally that, naturally, led to a slightly lower number on the scale this morning. I don't mind that that's what it takes sometimes to see 134 vs. 136; after all, at the end of the day, the lower number is still the accurate one. Ah, I wish I could be that empty all of the time.

ANYway. On to the stuff you guys *actually* care about. ;)

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, as always...You always manage to make me feel much better than I was when I wrote it; you all have quite the amazing knack for that, you know it? Speaking of how friggin' awesome you are, I now have the opportunity to bestow upon five of you lovely ladies (only five?! how difficult will THIS be?!) the wonderful Sunshine Blogging Award...Check-check it -- Check It Out! :D

Rules of this blog award:

1. Post this logo within blog post.
2. Pass award on to 5 fellow bloggers.
3. Link to nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they've received an award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love! Link the person from whom you received the Sunshine Award.

Sweetness. Here goes:

To the indescribable Maryhadalittlelamb, whom I will continuously attempt to describe in every comment I leave for the rest of all time... You are lovely beyond all measure; my words always seem to fall just short of conveying precisely how wonderful you are. :)

To the the lesser known (and as of yet lesser followed) AWillIsTheWay...You're simply beautiful. :D I love you to pieces. You just get me, and always have, since like three lifetimes ago. I text you a random photo of my silly face first thing in the morning and you don't question it for a second; you know what I mean and what I feel and who I am, except you say it a whole lot better than I ever could. I can't wait to buy/read/obsess over your novel. :) Anyone who isn't following her yet NEEDS to. Amazing blogger, this one.

Thirdly, to my darling DreamsxandxBones: I don't know where my psyche would be without you some days, girly. Yesterday was more of an up-and-down rollercoaster than I'd like to admit, and you were with me through all of it, just a text away. :D Thank you so much. You apologize so much for the seemingly bipolar nature of your blogging, but love, I swear it: I wouldn't have you any other way than you are! You're positively wonderful.

Simply cannot leave out my Dainty Zen. You have done so much for me, love, that a simple blog award such as this, while thoughtful enough, still could never summarize my gratitude and appreciation. Not only do I love you for all that you've done for me personally, but goddamn, girl... Your blog has to be the most hilarious shit on the internet. Seriously. I know that no matter what has gone wrong in my day or my week or even my month, I can count on this woman to make me laugh so hard that I cry, insane potty mouth and all. ;)

Umm...crap. I have like ten others that I want to fit into this "Number 5" slot. This is not fair. I'm going to go ahead and take Blogger's license with this one and just say that I tag/award the rest of you. Seriously. I can do that. Know why? Cuz I'm goddamned PhantasmagoricalDelusion and that's how I roll.

Are you surprised to hear that I still have not finished my essay for Children's Literature class?

Gonna go get on that. Sottile, I promise to get to your tagged questions next post. :) Have a lovely Sunday, my pretty skinnies!


    You skinny minnie, you.

    You are amazing, I love love love you (as I've said before but never tire of saying), and do another instance of loving you for awarding me that award, I am happy and honoured.

    I still haven't finished writing my post about last night, I am sooooo slow today for some reason... but I Will Do It eventually.

  2. Aw, congratulations!
    That's awesome, I'm so proud of you.