Friday, April 16, 2010

Ah, I hardly have ANY time, but I do have AWESOMENESS...


I'm positively exploding with giddiness and happiness over here.

Sure, of course, there's still that dark little bastard of a raincloud hanging over my right shoulder over there, reminding me of the ominous task that awaits me this weekend. The Talk. Ha. I'm trying not to build it up too much; can ya tell? ;)

Meh. The talk with K will be a talk. Frankly, I'll be glad to have it out of the way. Have everything out on the table. In case you didn't notice, I'm all about teh communications in life. ;)

So I honestly don't have all that much time. It's 6:52 in the dark and early, and the little one still sleeps soundly beside me. I've got a ton of shit to do today and the days are never long enough (seriously, can we not get someone on that already? like, fixin' that?)

My restriction as of late has been fantastic, by my standards (600 - 1000). With my daily activity level MINUS exercise (because I'm a big huge slacker and haven't been to the gym in like four or five days) I'm burning approximately 2,500 calories, just walking around campus, up and down stairs...NEVER THE ELEVATOR! Why would you??...and doing normal mommy stuff like housework and tickle parties and whatnot. Add that to the mystery number of my BMR and I'm doing quite well for myself. :D

It's become much easier not to binge over the past week, thanks mostly to the restriction habit I've formed, but the habit would never have formed initially had I not started taking the Topamax. So, thank Topa for this? (And thank my will power, cuz damn it, it's still been hella hard):

I'm loving it. That number is my new favorite...until 131 decides to come around, of course.

So that puts me at...*tiny drumroll because it's really not that big of a deal* an 8 pound loss in two weeks and one day. I had my heart dead set on 10, but shit...I'm certainly not going to utter a single complaint.

Instead, I'll just work harder.

I have so much more to say (don't I always?) and comments to which I need and want to respond, but alas, Dr. McAussieDreamy's class starts at 10 and I'd like to look as pretty as possible by then for his viewing pleasure. Ha! Ri-DIC-u-lous.

<3 you...


  1. HOLY shit!! It's flying off now!
    OK so maybe I suggested it, or insinuated that you would.. or something like that.
    But I am totally sure I KNEW you were going to do this!
    I fricken knew it!!
    You rock... as always!

    Many hugs and kinky kisses!
    xoxo zen

  2. wow thats really great! ur doing so well!
    its not ridiculous, by the way. if so, arent we all ridiculous? =)

  3. damn! you are amazing. i'm so happy for you!! jealous, but happy!

  4. Awesome job! 8 pounds is HUGE! So proud of you :) And I am glad to hear that the Topa is kicking in and doing its job! You're going to see 131 so so so soon, I just know it! xo

  5. WOW! Eight pounds in two weeks is amazing! Stay strong girl, you're doing so amazingly well! And have fun with your dreamboat of a professor. : )

  6. ah enjoy your happiness :)
    wishing you luck on your talk.

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