Saturday, February 27, 2010

I don't think I've ever woken up *still* drunk...

...but this is probably what it feels like.

Firstly, I'd like to say hello to new followers; HELLO!!! :D Followers get lots of love here at my blog, and for good effin' reason. I'd be absolutely lost in this world, no kidding, if it weren't for the understanding and support I find here. Thanks for taking an interest and...umm...hold onto your butts. It's gonna be a ride to remember, I assure you.

Also, to those of you who have commented in the past few days, thank you! I haven't given myself much Blogger time as of late, but I do get the notifications in my email, and I love every single one of them. <3

MAN, I feel like I'm gonna hurl any second. :O

Yesterday was one rough day. Woke up at 134.2 at least...AWESOME SAUCE! That number, if accurate (and we know the scale's track record in THAT department), would be indicative of a .8 pound loss in one day. I'm inclined to believe it, as I did an awesome job restricting the previous day/evening. Today...well, let's just say I'm satisfied to see 135.0 again. I drank. I ate party food. I gave in...and I did my best NOT to bury myself in guilt over it. I wanted to let go a little, but not go crazy, and I think I came close to achieving that for a few hours. It was really nice. I DID go back for a second cupcake... :/ ...and another four tortilla chips with corn salsa... :( BUT I could have done a heck of a lot worse. All day long I restricted and exercised, making sure I got the best workout possible from my house cleaning duties. That, added to my 350-cal-burned mini-workout in the morning, served me well in the face of massive foodage and booze. I was at about 1,500 for the day when we left for the party. One glass of wine, one vanilla rum 'n sprite, one whiskey 'n coke, and one shot of Knob Creek later, I was pretty toasty, considering all of that occurred in the span of about three hours...and I make my drinks strong. Only way to do it, right?

Alas, NONE of the soda choices were diet. I haven't had "real" Coca-Cola in I don't know HOW long. There's no tongue can't tell the difference, especially when there's alcohol involved, so why take in all that extra sugar? Ugh...Anyway. What's done is done, and I have the chance to regain my footing today.

Wait--what? But there's another party TONIGHT, you say??

Yes. That's correct.

Another couple is having another party, and of course there will be mucho munchies and alcohol there as well. Perhaps even more than last night. I'm thinking, though, hopefully, that the hangover I'm experiencing now will serve as a reminder to my tonight-self that drinking like that is not only a bad idea, but more than likely my very undoing, as I have responsibilities and real-world stuff to get back to on Sunday morning. But the food! Last year there were pastries and chips and donuts, chocolate and cookies and all that crud...I'm thinking she'll have salad or a veggie tray, too, which turned out to be my saving grace last night... *fingers crossed*

Cucumber martinis. Yep. Sounds amazing. And I can't even think about putting anything in my mouth right now without inciting Insta-nausea. Meh. I've got all day to get over it.

I feel like I'm rambling. Oh, look! I got my hair done last night for the party. :)

And here's ... us... :P

Of course I think I look fat, but that's goes without saying. I'm trying harder these days to let others think what they're going to think before I go ahead and start prefacing myself with downtalking and self-deprecation... Lofty goals, she has...

So...yeah. I should drink a shit ton of water, take some aspirin, and get to reading/catching up on blogs...then get to work on my art project, go grocery shopping with the man, try my hardest to keep myself under 700 before the party, work out anyway, blah blah blah... And work out how I'm going to accomplish my next mini-goal...Weighing myself only once a week. :O I KNOW! It this point. But I'm a work in progress, right? To begin, begin.

Stay lovely, my dah-lings. <3


  1. You looke absolutely gorgeus. scales are never accurate, are they? even the most hardcore bells'n'whistles doctors office weights-and-counterweights-and-secret-password scales are off just a little bit. Hooray for being back under 135!! Congratulations, lovely.


  2. Your hair looked so pretty! Did you do it yourself?

    And 135 is not bad at all! That's not even a pound from yesterday morning. You'll get back in no time :) Good luck at the party tonight! Veggie platters are the best. And you could use the excuse tonight that your stomach is a still a little sketchy from last night. (P.S. I have totally woken up still drunk before lol)

    Stay Strong!

  3. Cute hair, very cute couple...i think you look lovely, v e r y skinny!

    Ummmmmm, cupcakes and liquor, doesn't get any better :)

  4. Your man's a hottie...and what an Angel...oh yes, your tat is cool too!

  5. :)

    This totally makes me smile. I'm so happy that you had a good night. When I go crazy like that, the weight seems to come off in a couple days, not like when the number seems cemented into my scale. Seems like it does wonders for the metabolism, always a great thing. Go you! You'll be back to your low weight soon, I'm sure of it!

  6. I think you are gorgeous and so NOT fat. You look really lovely and healthy and I love your hair and your tats are so gorgeous! You have nothing to worry about. You know what, I know it's really hard to hear someone say that and you don't believe but I hope one day you can see it. You are beautiful! I think the key is being happy.

  7. Ooh you look so pretty! And what a cute boy ;) and what pretty tats!

    You know what helps me with hangovers? Taking a B vitamin. Thats the vitamin in Gatorade and thats why Gatorade helps with hangovers too (try that as well, if you haven't). It helps with metabolism and somehow helps clean up yer shit. (not your literal shit, your blood..I think.) I know it helps with drug tests too, if you need to piss clean. It makes your pee neon yellow though :P

    Congrats on hitting 135! You're right back on track! Good job.

    Keep it up! Stay strong! Remember how crappy you feel right now and take that with you to the next party. lol



  8. Hey you! Oh, wow you look sooo pretty in those pictures. I love your hair and you always have the cutest clothes ;)

    Anyway, sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I just caught up reading your last couple of posts, and I wanted to say that the poem was beautiful, as well as the picture at the bottom. That's little B, right? What a sweet little girl.

    I wish you luck with the hangover and at the party tonight. And way to go getting back down to 135 and under!

    I'm so proud of you <3

  9. You guys are probably the most appallingly ridiculously cute couple I've ever seen! Awh.

    And I went to a party tonight and they also did not have any diet soda options... I'm like, for real? I don't even LIKE regular soda anymore, haha.

  10. Awww... gorgeous! Love those teensy-weensy arms. You look so delicate!!