Thursday, February 25, 2010

So this should be quick, but the ribs...

...they're trying their hardest to make a comeback! :D

I probably won't keep this pic up for longer than a day or so, just because...well. You know. Me sans clothing is probably something I don't want plastered ALL over the internet, but then again, I'm not showing anything that wouldn't be seen in a bikini pic, either, so. There you have it.

No, no, definitely not amazing...yet. After all, I'm still at 135. But yes, that's 135.0, down again from yesterday. :D This is what I'm all about, right here...Daily loss. Heck yeah.

Okay, so I'ma go get ready for school, avoid the kitchen, and come back later to update (hopefully) or at least just to read/comment on your lovely blogs. Hope you all have an amazing day... Stay *beautiful!*


  1. You look gorgeous.

  2. You look beautiful! I'm totally inspired now. Thanks for being lovely <3

  3. You look great! And just think, if those ribs look this good now, how good will they look when even more weight comes off? Good job, keep it up!!


  4. Your ribs are there, I see them! Hahaha, oh boy, did you just make my whole week with your last comment! I think it's more like you being the awesome one, and I the one totally head over heels, :D. Yes, indeed, I do have AIM, buuuuut I'm a bit uncomfortable sharing it here, do you have an email or something I could send it to?

    PS: I love communicating through comments, what fun!

    I wish you a wonderful day!

  5. Wow, the ribs are deffo getting more visible! Looking very slim!!

    Love Battle xxxx

  6. I hope I look as gorgeous as you when I get to 135.