Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sorry for posting AGAIN, but hey look, poetry! :P

So in my creative writing class we were asked to come up with a blank verse poem on the spot yesterday, in class, consisting of three stanzas, on any subject of our choice. After reading Robert Frost's "Directive" (I highly recommend it) and commenting on the fact that the last few lines resulted in my having goosebumps, my professor jokingly noted that all of our poems should give him, in turn, "goosepimples..." :P

I thus set out to write something meaningful and personal, but doing so in 10 syllables a line is more difficult than I had anticipated, as it's not my usual writing style. All the same, here it is, for your reading pleasure:

Giving Thanks

Following my passage down a darkened
hall is a memory repressed, edges
untattered, its corners are sharp; lines clean
and crisp like a photograph never touched,
nor cherished, but instead it's locked away
as in a secret album, or a young
girl's diary with a brushed copper clasp
and a forgotten key. The colors are
faded but the image is clear, biting,
stinging, frightening. Her innocence is
stolen in this memory, taken by
one who will never know hurt the way he's
hurt her. Unfair? Her answer: "Life's not fair."

"I won't let it change me!" she may shout in
defiance, as her sharp little chin juts
out in a display of proud resilience,
and she convinces herself she's okay.

Her childhood lost, she replaces it
with a determination to survive
all in her life that aims to destroy her.
You may avert your eyes in shame, disgust,
or shake your head in pity at how much
he managed to take away, but please...Don't.
After all these years it's become clear...Should
I not thank him now for making me strong?


  1. Why do you apologize for more than one post in a day! Its your blog... we are reading your story. Plenty more happens than what can be contained in one post a day. Personally, I post sometimes 2-3 times a day, depending on how I'm feeling that day. I dunno, maybe the general consensus thinks its annoying, but you go right ahead!

  2. Your poetry is so deep and thoughtful! I wish I had a way with words like that, but usually I don't. LOL You should post some more poems if you write them!


  3. Beautiful poem coming from a beautiful soul! :)

    Thank you for the comment, yesterday, I needed it. You basically stated exactly how I feel even more than I could articulate, and also stated the biggest fear within me: I don't want that help. I just want the... notice, the consideration, of words. I don't want the consequences.

    No one is perfect, and my parents have been the best that I could ever ask for, and I am positive that you are a wonderful mother. My mom has a magnet on her fridge that reads: Grandchildren are your reward for not strangling your teenager. And my grandmother has one that says something along the lines of: Grandchildren are payback for when your kids were teenagers and knew everything.

    I do appreciate them, it's just so earnestly perplexing to feel these many strong and vicious emotions just under the surface. I feel like everyone else should see what's going on in someone else's head, like they should physically witness the comings and goings of the emotion. I think everyone should see into everyone else, but truth is, the idea's terrifying. No one really wants to know every single thought that goes on in their fellow humans' minds. Without the privacy of our brains, we'd all be screwed.

    This all does tie into parenting, I swear. I think it's mostly that I want them to understand and conceive of what's going on, and admit to me aloud that they've been here, they know exactly what and how it's like, and they will listen when I need them.

    Ah, well, I just wrote another novella for you. :)

    ANYWHO, enough about me. You're awesome, as usual, and I must agree with Z here, about the multi-day posts. It works, and it's fun. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Amazing poetry. Just wonderful ♥
    Thanks for your comment vis a vis my piercing :) I guess I lucked out with the cartilage!
    And thanks for your compliments however I think you must be more muscular than me or you carry it better? Because you like so much nicer than I do.
    It's quite unfair but that is life :)
    Hope you are having a great day.

  5. i just discovered your blog and am sooo glad. Your poem is just amazing, so beautiful and descriptive, it really touched my heart. i wish i could describe the feelings it brought to me. Thank you so much.

  6. This is such a beautiful poem. Really well-written and conveys things so well. Thank you for sharing it.