Friday, March 12, 2010

I...don't kill animals...cuz it's wrong? Yeah, that's the ticket.

We're going down to see my mother today. It's been a few months since I've taken her granddaughter down to see her, and I'm sure she's excited about seeing me as well.

She'll be making lunch, she said, as she doesn't have a whole lot of money. I almost want to offer to buy lunch for all of us, just so that I can get to a restaurant with somewhat healthy food...but no. There's nothing healthy around there. It's a podunk town in the big middle of nowhere-ville, nothing but steakhouses and burger joints for as far as fat eyes can see. That's all they need. No one cares to be thin around there. All they do is farm corn and hay and raise cattle and horses.

Yes. That's where I'm from.

You caught me.

I'm a country girl, born and raised.

Not so much anymore. But it's pretty difficult to erase those roots.
I still ADORE the scent of a horse's skin...I used to press my face into my colt's soft, warm neck and just..breathe him in. It's such a distinctive, earthy smell, and it's comforting and wildly untamed at the same time. I miss him.

But I digress. Food! I've had oatmeal today and that's all I wanted to eat all day, maybe some eggwhites and veggies later, but NO! Definitely not what she has in store for us!

"Chicken tenders and mashed potatoes...B will eat that, right?"

*awkward pause while I think*

"..uh...Yeah, of course..she loves that kind of stuff."

*racing thoughts, make an excuse, make an excuse! come up with a reason as to WHY you can't eat that stuff...*

Vegan? I could say I've gone vegan. That won't save me from the potatoes...unless! Unless she's already put milk and butter into them! Yes!

She won't believe me.

I could just bring something for myself, sure, but that would be rude. And my mother, like me, takes pride in cooking for her loved ones.

I can't do that to her.

So I've decided to eat a bit of her lunch, just a few bites, concentrate mostly on B and her eating, hopefully distracting my mom with other stuff I'm sure she'll be easily distracted my new piercing she's going to loathe. Oh, that should be fun. Why in the hell would I get a piercing in my lip, you ask? Because I like it. Thanks.

I'm wearing long sleeves to hide the four new tattoos that I have since the last time I saw her. Yeah, she wouldn't like that very much.

Lying? Sort of. Keeping the peace? Certainly.

It's worth it.

I was supposed to have left an hour ago. You know what I've done? Blogged. Sat here and wrote this, but spent most of my time reading and commenting. Why? Apparently I'm addicted to you guys. What can I say? You girls kick some major ASS. Thin, toned, beautifully perfectly cellulite-free ASS. ;)

I'm gonna go. I'm dizzy and loving it. My body wants food. My mind is stronger. Thin wins this one.

Stay lovely, my beauties.


  1. well howdy lol.
    im glad to find out im not the only one with the redneck roots. that sucks about the food situation, but hey it could be worse, at least they arnt trying to force frog legs and deer down your throat like my mom does every time i go to her house(she says theyre her specialty).she doesnt understand that when she tries to make me eat that stuff all i can think of is the frog prince and bambi. i dont really find my sons favorite movie characters appetizing.
    stay strong

  2. I'm from the country, too! Up north, so I'm a Yankee, but definitely country! I adore horses and cows :)

    There are worse things you could eat than chicken tenders and mashed potatoes, especially if you keep your portions small. You'll be fine!


  3. And I am from the country as well (ugh)... sensing a trend?

    "Thin wins this one." Yes!! I love that. You will be fine. Just stay strong and keep focused and it will be ok. Go you!

  4. well this is lovely. an addicted country girl. How nice. :)
    Thanks for staying for half an hour. we love you too!
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE IN MIND when people say "texas"! I know nothing about the states but at least I've heard of texas and I just couldn't imagine a restaurant or something like that there. Not even starbucks, haha. Only burger stuff. Drive ins with greasy mashed potatos and wuuuurgh food.
    Course you can say you've gone vegan. People do that, you know?
    Hm. Do you really think you'd make her that unhappy? Just give it a go.

  5. I can sympathize with the country girl thing... well I actually LIVE in a very small rural town in Georgia but I'm about 20 minutes away from a small city with an art school so the level of open-mindedness in this general area is kind of 50/50. We never had horses or cows but there are a lot of them here. : )

    Stay strong girl. : ) Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave me, they really mean a lot.

  6. I'm a country girl too, in the UK though. I live in a village full of pubs, and chip shops, surrounded by farms on all sides except one, and that side is backed by seawater lol. We nickname the place The End Of The World lol.

  7. I visit my mom's family in the country all the time, and our little cabin is out there. I love that little Redneck town, everyone knows eachother, cows everywhere type's so cute! :)

    That cow picture always makes me smile; I freaking love your blog :]


  8. My turn to chime in. Ahhh ok. Sigh....
    I was never a country girl :( Sorry. Hope ya still love me. I was a Navy brat. We traveled the globe. Never stayed anywhere very long. Lived in the States a bit, loved it CT, CA, FL.
    Never even smelled a horse. Have sort of smelled cow dung... or maybe it was horse dung (is there a dif)?
    Hmmm. Well I gotta get caught up on yer blog (catch my pseudo twang southern accent)? See you on yer next post ya'll. pssht my accent sucks. I'll just stick to potty mouth.