Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, and here's something I just wrote...

...whilst being distracted from my actual poetry assignment...

It's a first draft, but I know you'll forgive my imperfection (you do it all the time, anyway!) :D

Thoughts on Thin

Shall we forgive them? ...for they know not what they do…
Sites…nay, temples! Holy land where disciples are born, models worshipped, disorders desired.
Surely, the intent was never to foster illness in the innocent.
She preaches of the virtues of being rail thin, and of all the beauty, love, that awaits us.
Starvation, glorified, seeks out sustenance in souls searching for meaning, finding instead
Solitude, betrayed by the one Who has promised them so much immortality.
Since when is there gain before we feel pain?
Straighten up, stand tall, suck in your fat, disgusting stomach. Keep yourself empty.
Stay focused. You are not allowed to fail.
Still, there is a part of us all, somewhere, that struggles to remember who we were.
Stoned into silence, she hides; the little girl I saw to be me no longer exists. Lost.
Shall I be lost, too, to a killer so quiet?
So stealthy... I pretend I’m different, that I won’t let Her take me, that I hold the reins.
Slinking through shadows, I will be as a ghost, a breath, a shade lighter than sun.
Skinny I shall be. Skinny I will stay. My ribs cage a heart that beats still today, and so I go on.


  1. is that YOU!
    your very skinny! :d love it !

  2. Gah, I WISH that was me! Alas, she's just some random beautifully thin woman I would LOVE to look like someday... <3 Another fifteen to twenty pounds and I'll be there! :D

  3. PD, you are amazing! I love your poems. I know you have mentioned a poetry class.. I am always curious if you turn these in, and what your teacher's reaction is. You are really talented!

  4. I love it!! It's so flowing and pretty... :)

  5. That writing is beautiful.
    You are beautiful.
    And, that comment you left on my blog. That is also beautiful.


  6. Wow girl, you put words together so fluidly. It's lovely! I really dig it.

    Although there are no bad words in there (you know how fucking much I love bad words).

    much luvs,
    xoxo zen