Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just an addition/aside...

...what I'm doing to my body is exceedingly unhealthy.

I realize this, and spend a great deal of my time doing my best to ignore it.

It's hard to do that, though, when you come across the horrific aftermath stories of sufferers who have endured the disease that is anorexia to its fullest extent, nearly to the point of death. They live daily with this agony and these scars, internal and external, emotional and physical, that will always remind them of how they spent their youth...starving and cold, miserable but hoping.

And us?

We all like to think that we're different.


  1. I like to think I'm different because I haven't reached the horribly unhealthy part yet. I don't even look the part. I'm just now reaching the realm of "healthy weight" for my height! I have a while til I'm "unhealthy". Hm.

  2. You speak the truth, "No it won't get that far, I have control, when I'm thin I won't be that pathetic" Oh how many times I told myself that.

    It's scary how I feel the supposed 'best years of my life' where spent as you say "starving cold, and miserable". It's a haunting thought.

    Love and hugs, Battle xxx