Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm wearing it again... red bracelet. Until now, I haven't felt that I deserve to even put it on.

I took it off and kept it in a special little box on my dresser a few weeks ago when I started my seemingly endless binge-fest... 8 pounds gained. Though I haven't lost it yet, I am well on my way, and I feel okay wearing it again. Not so much like a total and utterly useless failure. More like a girl with hope. Yay, hope.

I like it when my rings are loose.

I like it when my shoulderblades show.

I like it when I stand up from my chair and see stars, and that lovely weakness comes over me like a wave of...something wonderful. I'm high on it. Love it.

I like it when I don't WANT to eat.

I don't like it when I look in the bathroom mirror and see those saddlebags, all of that dense fat just drooping from my ass and spilling out of my shorts...Ugh. Note to self: Don't wear shorts. Ever.

The best reverse thinspo in the world can be found in my own mirror. Feel hungry? Take hold of some of that ass fat and give it good, hard SHAKE. See how it keeps jiggling like five hours after you let go?


Betcha don't feel like eating anymore, huh?

Oh, and cleaning someone else's toilet is great for spoiling appetite as well. Disgusting. *gag*

Of course, there's the old standby appetite suppressant...Lovely, tasty, antioxidant-packed TEA!!! :D *love*

It's a towering pyramid of cal-free deliciousness!

I should go do something productive. I've read so many blogs today, and commented where I could, but I'm having to share the internet with my uncle and share my time with...everything else. I took a picture of the finished fairy painting but it's on my other computer. I'll upload it asap.

In the meantime...


I hope you lovelies are doing well this afternoon...morning...evening... YOU get it.

I love you alllllll SO much. Srsly. More than is probably appropriate.



  1. what's the red bracelet for? or did i miss something?

  2. Awww the little one is adorable! Her bandanna is so cute!

  3. How old is your daughter? She looks like a sweetie! They are so much work, yet so worth it... Almost even worth the saddlebags... almost...


  4. You rock my socks off, and then some! :)

    Yay, motivation! That mirror is an excellent reminder... too bad my parents can't seem to figure out whether to harass me for eating late at night, or interrogate me for not eating at all.

    :D Looooooooooooooooooooove yooooooooooooooou mooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrre! [gotta roll those RRRRRs]

  5. Your daughter is adorable. And she looks just like mommy! You aren't lying about the mirror. That, and a weigh in/measure up will put you on the path for a week long fast, no problem. *Pinches neck and stomach fat* Yep, its time to get my [flabby] ass in gear as well. Thank you for being my motivation/[th]inspiration.

  6. You faker, that's a pic of your daughters wrist, it's about two inches in diameter!
    BTW is it ok if I nibble on her widdle cheeks? OMG she is so effing cute!

  7. Hey can I borrow your motivation for a sec? Thanks lol... Here you can have it back now... cause I just jiggled my ass fat, leg fat, stomache fat, arm fat..... and I'm still jiggling.............. its gross.... that's hun,

    Stay Strong

  8. ah you have an ana bracelet, too?
    wow. same situation, i'm not wearing it because I feel like i don't deserve it. But you just made me jealous. Not only because you look so tiny and your ankles are lovely and your shoulders but also because you deserve to wear it.
    It's lovely to feel weak when you see stairs isn't it? Haha, we're so sick. Ah.