Sunday, January 3, 2010

A bright new day...with pictures!

It's 8 degrees out now.

At least it's warming up.

Still probably won't venture out of the house today; the sun lies and welcomes you out with all of its brilliant promises of warmth...I won't fall for it. The cold would certainly do me some good, I'm sure, what with the calorie burnage and all...but I'd rather not.

The scale misses me, I'm sure. I'm sticking to my guns, though...Not weighing until Tuesday. Dang it. I should be starving and working out in preparation for this. Instead I'm at goodness knows how many calories consumed and absolutely ZILCH burned for the day.

My measuring tape told me something nice this morning. I think it's nice. She's underhanded herself some days.

25.6 inches around my waist. 26 the last time I checked, about a week and a half ago. Thing is, I look fatter. I do. I'm flabbier. My theory is that my obliques are far less defined than they were before, weaker, as I haven't been exercising regularly, and so therefore the tape has less resistance right around my waist area...less muscle, smaller waist. Doesn't matter. They're being replaced by fat. That's not cool, yo.

I want to be in the 120s by the time I get home. If that's true...If I really *want* that, I should be down there exercising right this minute, rather than feeding my addiction to blogs of considerable interest to me. Yes, I'm hooked. I can't stop reading. Problem is reading doesn't burn calories. Unfortunately. Were that the case, I'm sure a good number of us wouldn't have a single care in the world concerning our weight.

I thought I'd post some pics right quick of our New Year's Eve adventure. Ha. Just for laughs.

Bf was the only one who ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. I guess bingeing before binge drinking is a solid idea.

I guess I'm done for now. On a side note: I really...


..can't wait to be thin.

Oh, it'll be lovely.



  1. Your arms are so skinny! And (looking at last post) so is the rest of you! And your daughter is so cute! And I am so using too many exclamation points!

    And I definitely agree that reading should burn calories. If it did, I'd be a freaking ultra-marathoner. Sadly that doesn't work... so I guess I should get my butt out of this chair and go exercise. What a novel idea...

  2. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! Just like her mother =)
    <3 Your Ana bracelets.

  3. Aww, thank you both! <3 You just gave me the big smile I didn't even know I needed til just now. ;)

  4. Nice pics! :)
    You are so lucky to have thin arms! I love them!
    I'm obsessed with arms.. LOL I think it's cause it's the only part of me that refuses to get smaller.
    I lose weight in the boobs, butt, legs and waist, but NEVER my stupid flabby upper arms! I still look so chubby in short sleeved shirts! UGH!
    Anyhow - your daughter has the cutest little smile with all her "little people" teethies!
    I loved my daughters teeny little teeth. I should post a pic of them now that she has lost some!
    HA - they are coming in HUGE for her size and she looks like a jack o lantern!

    Anyhow - yes, exercise... I hope to get back into the swing of things this week!
    Let's go ladies!