Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To be continued...

You ladies are amazing. :D Thank you so much for all your comments on that last post. I wish I could e-hug each and every one of you...probably separately...or maybe together...That could either be really sweet and touching or really kinky and...touching.. Ha.

So I have this pictures of myself that I took this morning when I was feeling super skinny. Now that I look at them again, I'm not so convinced. I mean, they look admittedly better than the ones I posted in the last entry, the Valentine's Day ones...but still. Ugh. My resolution is to steer completely clear of negative thought and self-deprecation. So far, it's worked in my favor. But it's hard to feel positive about my self-image when I look and these and just see SO many problem areas.

That, and I went clothing shopping today. YEAH. We all know what that means.

*BIG ASS SIGH* Can I just get FIVE seconds of peace to myself!? SO fucking frustrated right now. I just get home from being out all day and it feels like I still can't take a breath...Little B wants this and the dogs need to be fed and I need to get the kitchen cleaned and dinner ready for my uncle and FUCK...I still haven't taken accurate count of my calories for the day yet and honestly, I never feel completely relaxed at any given moment unless I know exactly how much I've had. I'll have to go and return in a moment.



  1. Umm... so I just tried to scream/write your name Rocky-esque... but it was WAAAAAAAY too long. Fail.

    Good choice of resolution! Personally, I think if I tried that my head would explode, but I hope you can keep it up. You deserve it!

    Random question... do you ever feel like the best part of your day is the time when you're asleep?

  2. *Hugs*
    You're beautiful, and don't you forget it!
    Xx. Lillie

  3. Oh, the problem areas... beyond frustrating!!! No matter if we're losing, the problem areas don't seem to go away.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed, love. I can relate, unfortunately. wish I could help you out some, I know it's frustrating to have so many large responsibilities.

    but just know you're doing an amazing job at balancing it all... you're more inspiring than you know.