Thursday, January 7, 2010

Official holiday gain weigh-in...

7:11 AM. I've waited long enough.

Same old rules, different day: Nothing to drink or eat before weigh-in. All clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, glasses, etc. removed.

My body shivers and my feet tingle in the cold. I allow my eyes to follow the winding trail of delicate goosebumps that spring up from my pale skin...down from the neck I know is not thin enough (yet) to the beloved collarbone and the slowly emerging sharpness of shoulders...Down my arms and over my ink (Isis looks like she has goosebumps herself, all over that perfectly crafted goddess body of hers)... And I step up. Onto the scale.



Not...terrible. When I left here for vacation about three weeks ago, I weighed 134.6.

Holiday weight. Ugh.

Good part is school doesn't start til the 19th. I have time to lose this while my time is still, for the most part, my own. Well...the daytime. Until 6:30, when my time becomes the sole property of a certain adorable little girl who wants nothing BUT all of her mommy's attention. I give it to her freely. She appreciates more than anyone else possibly could. <3

Speaking of the little ragamuffin, I've gotta get her up and out of bed and off to school. The lovely gym awaits.

Be well, my beauties... And thank you all so much for following and reading. We've hit 25 this morning! Schweet deal! :D
You guys are the absolute BEST.


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