Friday, January 8, 2010

DUN dun Duuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!

Yesterday... was worth it. Worked off half the calories I ate, leaving me at approximately 450 or so "unburned" by exercise...but they were certainly burned by merely living yesterday, as my BMR is approximately 1,700 or so (according to one calculator...I get mixed results without the guide of a professional nutritionist)...

What was yesterday? 136.-something or other?

This morning... 134. Yes. I know it's higher than I want to be, but hey...that's the number I left off on when the holiday vacation began.

Makes me feel that much stronger to do the same today. :D

I've had my oatmeal...the greatest start to my day. Makes me feel fantastic, strong to go run and work my butt off...literally. My green tea with lemon and ginseng..Mmmm...

And meanwhile, my gourmet chef of an uncle is a few feet from me in the kitchen, cooking up who-knows-what of eggs and ham and cheese and toast... Not me!

Nothing *tastes* as good than THIN feels...

Stayin' LOVELY!



  1. 'Stayin' Lovely'! I love it. :)

    And you are doing great. I know it must feel great to be back to the pre holiday weight. Keep up the good work!