Monday, January 4, 2010

Sometimes I like to suck in...(con picturas)...

This morning has been decent. Oatmeal. 130. I'm down with that.

Still haven't weighed, as per my promise to myself to wait until tomorrow. I nearly did! I was so tempted. I know better. One more day of good, healthy restriction and some cardio...I should be good to weigh in the morning. Ah...So scared...and yet so curious. Curiosity kills cats, you know.

I just halved a piece of Christmas chocolate with my daughter. That's approximately 30 calories, if my calculations are correct. And they should be. Meh. It was worth it.

My attempts at renewed positivity are paying off, I think, little by little. I feel far less inclined to binge, and that gets easier every day I make it without one. Schweet deal.

Ah yes, and the hipbones! They're returning...slowly. Oh so slowly. But we all know that fat that is lost gradually is fat that most often *stays* gone. So. I'm all right with this as well.

I will freely admit, before the gods and all of you lovelies and everyone else who cares to listen to me, that I am a camera *whore.* Yeah. Blame it on the Leo in me, if you'd like. Attention seeker. Spotlight hog. Look at me, I'm not skinny yet...a few days ago I would have described myself as utterly repulsive, but we know I'm working on that, so I'll refrain. All the same, I've got that whole I-want-you-to-see-me-and-tell-me-that-I'm-doing-well, because I thrive on that shit, yo.

Pathetic? Maybe. Despite the fact that I'm not all that keen on my body (ha! There's the biggest understatement of 2010 for ya), I do enjoy taking pictures of my progress. Allows me to look back in a few weeks, months, years, whatever, and see where I started. Motivates me to keep it up. If it bugs anyone that I'm sharing them here, lemme know... I just know, as the consumer of many a blog, that I actually rather enjoy seeing photo insets every once in a while. These were taken this morning. :)

(Oh yeah, and the one where I'm obviously sucking in... I won't deny that. I do it, every once in a while, just to see where I'll be when I lose about ten or twenty more....;) Hey, if it makes ya feel good then it can't be that wrong, right? Maybe...)

The other ones, I'm *obviously* not sucking in. Yeah, because I look much more repuls-....err... I mean... I look much less the others. I'll get there. I know I will.

Thank you, ladies! You're all so wonderful. I'm more grateful for all of you than I can even say. <3

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  1. Ahh, your ribs! They're beautiful, for real. That second picture looks like a thinspo you'd find scattered across blogs. I still need to go back and read your blog from the start (get to know you if you will ;]) but I love your blog so far =] Keep it up doll, and thanks for your comments on mine!