Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holy shitbinge, Batman...





In self-discipline. In concern for my own well-being, my body, my fat fat fat ass.

Reckless disregard of the rules.

Today totals out at less than 2,000...but more than 1,500. I lost count.

This is not acceptable.

How is that I can't go for more than two or three days of perfect restriction without completely screwing myself over in the end?

Tomorrow...must be better.

It will be better.

I'm sorry, Ana. :(

I am Lovely. I am. I have to believe this.


  1. Hey, hey, hey. You ARE lovely. You ARE okay. Remember what you wrote on my blog?

    "But, with me at least, I find that the more I beat myself up over a perceived "failure," the deeper I dig my own hole of actual fail. All-or-nothing thinking, I suppose."

    If I could offer some advice... do some exercise that will help you "make up" for your mistake, and then try to move past it. You will feel better knowing that 1) You worked harder to fix the problem, and 2) You forgave yourself and moved on. Win/win.

    You can do this. You're a strong, beautiful person.

    P.S. I like your comments... even if you think they're nonsensical =D

  2. Not only ARE you lovely but I insist that you STAY so! :)