Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I avoided posting last night intentionally.

We're officially home. FINALLY. All the same, my mind couldn't seem to switch out of "vacation eating" mode for some reason until this morning. I continued to munch on forbidden foods all evening, even as late as midnight. Yeah. I KNOW.

Even worse yet, I decided that making oatmeal raisin cookies was a good idea. I was wise enough, thank goodness for steadily increasing BMI (no evidence to back this up, just looking in the mirror and pinching my fat) to find a recipe online that used NO eggs and only yielded one dozen. Schweet, huh? Less temptation just lying around. It helps, too, that they'll be staying here at my bf's house instead of coming home with me today.

All that considered, I still managed to eat four of them. Mind you, they were relatively small cookies, but still. Ugh. Weakness. That extra large glass of wine I had around 9 PM probably didn't help in the fortification of my already crumbling will-power. Meh.

What I'm really excited about is...Today. :) I've yet to eat anything at all, as the little one just woke me up not too long ago. Still a blank slate. I still feel that heavyish, fullish feeling from the foods I ate yesterday, but that'll be gone in time. I should be home tonight and, thank the to *finally* return to my digital scale in the morning!!!

Yes. That IS awesome...and a little(lot) scarier than I'm letting on.

I'm so scared it'll say something ridiculous like 140 again. Meaning I would've managed to gain between 6 and 9 lbs over the course of three weeks. So possible. Likely? Not incredibly. But hey, I've seen stranger things.

I think this post is pretty boring. I apologize. I think I'll go grab a big ol' HUGE glass of ice water to get the metabolism going. Let it know what its in for...From here on out, it's back to work! Restriction and hardcore exercise...No more binges, no more late night snacking, no more alcohol. Not for a good LONG while. :D

Off to go read all of the lovely blogs to which I look forward daily. <3

Stay well, you beautiful creatures of thin.
Let's be stronger than ever together. <3

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  1. I'm glad you got home safely. It seems like you are quite motivated to get back into the old routine! Have a lovely day :)