Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First day back in school....

Prepare for a boring post...

I'm at school today. Yay. Art class should be fun this semester...I've been needing a good kick in the ass to start drawing and painting again.

Piercing is doing a good job of keeping me from eating anything in public. :P I either have to chew with my mouth open (not an option) or put very tiny morsels directly onto my molars and then chew very gingerly, hardly moving my lips or teeth or tongue at all. I guess it's even better than burning my tongue, eh Della? :P

So...back to 134.8 today. That's like... .2 lb loss from yesterday. I can deal with that, I suppose. Guess I'll have to.

Today's intake has been all right, considering the cardio work I've gotten in today. 350 cals at 1:25 PM...worked off 500 this morning. Schweetness.

Speaking of this morning...I haven't felt this goddamned sexy in so long. lol. Not what you were expecting? I try not to be too predictable. ;)

As I was walking to campus from my car, I realized I was getting lots of glances...some of them lingering longer and turning into stares...but good ones, not bad ones. I'm noticeably thinner than before, but I don't think that was it. I've got the whole totally tatted up appeal going, black hair with pink highlights now, new lip piercing... size extra-small spandex workout pants...lol...I feel very desirable. It's good. It's fading, as the day goes on, but I'm trying to hold onto the confidence it gave me this morning... Yes.

So I should go. My coffee is getting cold and I think I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch, even though I probably can't/won't be eating anything. Not even really that hungry.

I hope you're all doing well...I can't wait for the chance to catch up on all your blogs. :*

Stay lovely,



  1. Girl, you *should* feel desirable because you are beyond gorgeous!!!

    Hope that school went well. And bonus that the piercing doubles as a diet aid, haha.

    Lots of love... stay strong and lovely, I know you will


  2. I'm glad you had a good day back at school and feeling sexy lol

  3. So you're feeling like the epitome of hotness? Huh, maybe cause you are? :P