Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you for your input, lovelies!

Ah, how I love coming home to comments from you guys. Am I totally lame for driving home, thinking to myself, "I wonder if anyone's read that post yet? I'll have to check my email right after I fix dinner for the babygirl."

Meh...Lame I may be, but I sure as hell make up for it in awesome tattoo ideas! :P

The date is set. Thursday, January 14th, at 2 PM. I can hardly wait.

I'll be getting two tattoos and, more than likely, my labret piercing. Can I get a hell yes?! :D

"Stay Lovely" will grace the inside of my right arm, (mirror image, as previously described) opposite the beautiful Queen Isis. The triple goddess symbol (I'll post a pic) will be inked on the inside of my right wrist. They're both super simple, so my guy told me he'd do it all for $80. Yeah...guess who's gettin' a big fat tip that day? ;)

Ah...I'm needed. Babygirl calling. I hit 820 today, calorie-wise. That's pretty damn good for me, especially considering my exercise total this morning...what was it...390? My aim was 1000 or less. I'm happy.

Off to take care of the little one, and then hopefully I'll be back to catch up on some blog-followin' of my own. ;)

<3 Be well, lovely ladies.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished bodywork! "Stay Lovely" sounds sooo great. My only ink is on the base of my ribs on one side, and I love watching my ribs surface underneath it.

  2. Ooh yay! I can't wait to see your new tattoos. What have you got so far? (You might have posted about it before but I haven't had a chance to read through all your archives yet =])

    I only have one tattoo at the moment but I'm dyyyying for more ink. I know what I want next, but I need to get it designed.

    Also, well done on dropping the holiday weight! You've done so well so far =]