Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guess the eff WHAT!

Holy crap, 133.4! :D

Day before yesterday? 135.6. YEAH. <3 Lovin' myself right about now.

I'm off to take B to daycare early today so I can get to the gym and spend a little more time there...and then back home to finish up that mural...and then off to lunch (side salad no dressing, please!) with my love, and THEN...

Tattoo time. :D Can hardly wait.

To pierce or not to pierce? That's my dilemma.

I think I may just wait on my labret. I mean...I'm scared. I'm not 100% sure. And when it comes to body modifications, I'd like to over 100% sure.

I hate to cut this short...I just had to give the little update. I started thinking...I should have started a little counter a long time ago, showing the date and my weight on those dates...just to review my progress later.

Meh. I know I'm 133 today! ;)

Stay lovely, my skinnies...


  1. 133! That's awesome :) And good luck/have fun with the tattooness. I know you've been looking forward to it!

  2. Oh my freakin Gawd!! Sounds like the best. day. ever. Well, you are wonderful and you deserve it. :)

  3. Yay! 133! Good going!

  4. Congrats dear! 133 is exciting :)

    make sure to update us on the tattoo!