Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm leavin'...on a jet plane...

Today's the day! Vacation is over. We're heading back home.

The pattern I've noticed (as I'm sure you have, too) is that most of us view vacation as anything but. This time spent away from our comfortable (if they can be called comfortable) routines of exercise and restriction does not equal rest or respite or escape, but rather innumerable situations in which, much to our deep despair, we are plopped down in front of food and family and expected to NOT act like frail, frightened deer, awash in the glow of overtly scrutinizing headlights.

*I realize that my use of "plopped" was a bad choice of wording. Who among us enjoys plopping, or even imagining such an action? Yes. You're right. That word does sound fattish. Meh.*

So, in light of the fact that we must depart for the airport in approximately one hour and I've not begun my packing up of TONS of toddler clothes and my clothes and the bf's clothes and all of our gifts combined...*breathe!*... I won't let this post get out of hand (though you know I'd love to do just that).

I wanted to update you all with this morning's weigh-in results, though they do not please me one bit.

*drumroll, s'il vous plaƮt*

134. Ugh. But...if you'll recall...That's where I was when we got here about 3 weeks ago. No loss, but no gain. Pretty decent for the holidays, if I do say so myself.

Off to get packing. Off to convince myself that maintaining one's weight throughout the vacation time back home is acceptable...Off to NOT dwell on the binges that lead me to this point. I can and will do better...My faithful gym (and digital scale) await me at home!

<3 I'll update more (and respond to your lovely comments) as soon as possible.

<3 you all! Stay well, think thin. ;)


  1. Ugh. I definitely agree with you about vacation. It's sooo much more stressful when you don't have a normal, set schedule. Nice job maintaining, though!